Scope of service

Hard- and Software design


We offer individual and cost-optimized solutions,particularly aligned to your needs. We'll realize your idea, develop a solution or even manufacture entire equippment. Advance developments can obviously be included in your project.

Benefit from our longstanding experience in hard- and software design.

Circuit- and Hardware development

Circuit development is based on available and best-used components. That includes creating product specifications, circuit boards and comprehensive documentation.


We're using the ideal coding languages for software development on different platforms.


Contract production

Small meter or big control cabinet - all devices are manufactured completely in-house and, if requested, installed on site. Under consideration of our capacity and capabilities, we finish already existing customer developments. So we are able to populate printed circuit boards, mount assemblies and build control cabinets

Extension of exsiting enclosures

In case you are looking to extend exsiting enclosures, we are a suitable partner. Our own enclosures or enclosures from various other manufacturers can be upgraded based on your request.

Repair of devices

Aside from offering repairs for our own devices, we're also offering repairs for devices from other manufacturers In case of older components not being available anymore, we can offer alternative solutions. Damaged enclosures can oftentimes be restored.