Industrial meters ...

... in a wide variety, as event meter or elapsed-time meter. Those meters were built during a time when modern ICs had yet to be invented. We used discrete components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors. An eight-digit industrial meter needed a 19inch- slot with 3HU. 2HU-Designs were 'modern' already. A popular indicating element were the so called 'Nixie tubes'. The devices got smaller when RTL-Elements started to become available. By request we are still manufacturing modern meters using LED- or LCD-displays and highly integrated circuits.

Controls and analysis for money counting machines

Evaluation of sorted coins and displaying respective amounts. The first copies were equipped with an electromechanic counter.

Elapsed-time meter and scoreboard for sports facilities

In a customer's order we designed and manufactured scoreboards for waterpolo matches. The biggest display, with roughly 10.000 lightbulbs was used over many broadcasts in a show called 'Hitparade'.

Car park controls

As precursor of nowadays car park automat we designed controls in large quantities for access control.

Canteen check-outs

In a time when PCs had yet to be invented, we implemented a system to capture and save pesonal canteen data. Evaluation happened in an in-house datacenter.

Controls for wind generators

We designed and manufactured controls in large quantities for the amercian market. The power classes 65kW, 150kW and 330kW were covered.

Controls for rotary presses

Control and regulation of tablet presses for pharmaceutical industry. Logging and evaluation of manufacturing data. Those devices were manufactured and further developed over many years in large quantities for a renowned press-manufacturer.

Measuring instruments and welding systems

In a customer's order we manufactured and developed a wide variety of devices. In detail: clocked controls for resistor welding systems, measuring systems for monitoring resistor and arc welding, connected to corresponding data evaluation and logging for quality assurance.