Test-Adapter MFR-TA01

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The test adapter allows for simulating in- and output of MFR-modules outside regular usage. The input can be simulated using 8 different toogle switches. The corresponding output is indicated by an LED. Aside from testing MFR Modules, this adapter can also be used as helpful in- and output method for application programming. The target hardware can thus be simulated at your desk.

Contrary to online monitoring using our MFR View Software, which evaluates data transfer, this adapter feeds/reads signals to physical in and outputs. Hence the opto-couplers (input) and relays/semiconductor (output) are part of testing. In- and outputs can be used very individually due to a split connection plug.

Connection to the test object is made possible through flat cable:
Standard length: 500mm
Also available in 1000m or 1500mm.


8 toggle switches for input signals
8 LEDs for displaying outputs
Supply voltage 24VDC
Dimensions: 120mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 50mm(D)

Items delivered:

Adapter MFR-TA01
Connection cable for test object
Switching power supply 90..240V - 24VDC/1A
Power Cord (european standard)